It is our philosophy, that people have the potential to create a universe that is healthy and positive. Life is meant to be abundant in every way.   

Everything is energy, water has a memory.  

It is widely understood, that a positive thought is hundreds of times more powerful than a negative thought. When you are feeling good and joyful, you can maintain a positive frequency  

At the bottling facility, positive inspirational music is played. We infused our water with positive vibe throughout the production process.   

Sanctified tm utilizes preforms made of pure virgin resin only. This means that our water bottles contain no recycled plastic resins, no colorants and no contaminants. Our bottles are light gram weight and create a very small carbon footprint. Sanctified bottles are all 100% BPA free.  

The spring is located in the Appalachian Mountains in St-Ferdinand QC. The source is located in the mountains away from all the toxicity of urban life. The spring carries one of the purest and cleanest water in all of Quebec and has won numerous awards in the past for its fresh taste.  

In addition to following HACCP and GMP quality protocols, we are also inspected by the CFIA and MAPAQ which are the Federal and Provincial entities responsible of quality control in the Canadian food industry. We are presently working on the implementation of GFSI international norms.

Water Generation 2020